Course in Focus

With this course, you can build a foundation to understand, follow & discuss the EU in practice.

  • Study the EU’s institutions, including the European Commission, EU Council, European Council, European Parliament & EU Court of Justice

  • Learn about how the EU makes laws, including the different forms of EU law and the collective body of EU law, the Acquis communautaire

  • Examine the EU’s core policies through three defining projects of the European integration: the Single Market, the euro & the Schengen Area

  • Explore the politics of the EU, alongside major debates at European and national levels on the purpose, functioning & future of the EU

Course Content

Explore the EU’s institutions, policies & politics with Anthony Salamone

    1. Overview of the European Union

    2. Explainer: The Institutions of the European Union

    3. Explainer: The Policies of the European Union

    4. In Focus: The EU Treaties

    5. The Basics of the European Union

    1. Understanding the European Commission

    2. Explainer: The Workings of the European Commission

    3. In Focus: The College of Commissioners

    4. In Focus: The Commissioner’s Cabinet

    5. Test Your Knowledge: The Commission

    1. Understanding the EU Council & European Council

    2. Explainer: The Workings of the EU Council

    3. Explainer: The Workings of the European Council

    4. In Focus: The EU Council Presidency

    5. Test Your Knowledge: The Council & EUCO

    1. Understanding the European Parliament

    2. Explainer: The Workings of the European Parliament

    3. In Focus: European Elections

    4. In Focus: The Two Seats of Brussels & Strasbourg

    5. Test Your Knowledge: The Parliament

    1. Understanding the Court of Justice of the EU

    2. Explainer: The Workings of the EU Court of Justice

    3. In Focus: The Primacy of EU Law

    4. In Focus: The Preliminary Reference Procedure

    5. Test Your Knowledge: The Court of Justice

    1. Exploring the Making of EU Laws

    2. Explainer: The Laws of the European Union

    3. In Focus: The Acquis communautaire

    4. The Forms of European Union Law

    5. Test Your Knowledge: EU Law

Introduction to the European Union

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  • 10 Chapters
  • 50 Lessons

Course Features

Benefit from this online course offered by European Merchants

  • Course

    Gain a substantive introduction to the European Union

  • Instructor

    Learn from Anthony Salamone, one of Scotland’s leading EU experts

  • Content

    Study through original videos, presentations, articles & handouts

  • Self-Paced

    Progress through the course at your own pace and convenience

  • Certificate

    Receive a Certificate of Participation upon completion of the course

Anthony Salamone

Anthony Salamone FRSA is the Founder and Managing Director of European Merchants, the Scottish political analysis firm. A political scientist, Anthony is one of Scotland’s leading experts on the politics and institutions of the European Union.
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